Our technology

Unprecedented size control

Formulate polymer vesicles with nanoscale size control without compromising polydispersity (PDI)

Reproducibility ensured

Our technology guarantees that each formulation is produced the same, every time

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Encapsulation made easy

Co-encapsulate a wide range of materials with high efficiency
(e.g., small molecules, biologics, pigments)

Tuneable surface chemistry

We have established protocols to control surface chemistry
(e.g., surface charge, surface topography, ligand incorporation)

Non-spherical shapes

Our vesicles can be deformed into shapes that
deviate from a typical sphere

Versatile membrane chemistry

Want thicker membranes for improved stability?
Need stimuli-responsive membranes for controlled release?
We have a toolbox of polymers for a wide range of applications

Scale up potential

Our formulation processes can be seamlessly scaled up to produce hundreds of grams of vesicles without any loss in quality