Polymer vesicles, or polymersomes for short, are tiny microscopic capsules made of polymers. They bear some resemblance to oral capsules, but are ~100,000 times smaller in size! Like oral capsules, polymersomes have the capacity to enclose and deliver therapeutics. Their use, however, is specifically tailored to address more demanding applications such as drug delivery, synthetic biology, and material science.

What are polymer vesicles?

At Vesiculate, we have pioneered an approach to formulate polymer vesicles in a highly scalable and reproducible manner, while maintaining unparalleled control over their structural properties. We leverage our technology along with our extensive expertise in polymer chemistry to provide clients with a versatile toolbox to customize the physicochemical properties of polymersomes to meet specific needs of the industry.

Our technology represents a significant breakthrough in the field as it effectively addresses a major bottleneck that has impeded the translation of polymersomes from R&D to clinical and industrial applications.

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Our technology

Our capabilities

Vesicle chemistry

Access vesicles with different polymer chemistries

Surface control

Modify surface properties such as charge (zeta potential) or chemistry

Size control

Manipulate vesicle size distribution with sub-25 nm precision

Shape control

Deform vesicles into non-spherical shapes

Membrane control

Tune membrane thickness to
alter stability


Seamlessly scale up from
bench to production


Controlled release
Fillers / additives
Material science